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    I'm wondering how will I make my blog in blogspot available via google web search? I've seen some blogs that can easily be googled but mine won't show in google at all..
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    Response: winding up order
    Preach it my brother.
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    Response: ebay coupons
    What are the laws as to using company logos in blog posts?
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    Response: seo services
    How do you password protect a Blogger blog on a custom domain?
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    I have a blog made with Blogger and it has Blogger logos at the top.. I've seen Blogger blogs without them, and it makes them a lot cooler..
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    Response: vets
    My friend and I have been discussing personal blogs and online journaling. She feels that personal feelings and such should not expressed in such open forums. I see no problem with it. Share your thoughts:. 1. Do you blog or journal?. 2. Do you prefer face to face expression of feelings ...
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    Response: silver bullion
    I'm planning to start website where people can post projects and buy projects. Do you think it is a good idea?
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    I'm getting a new computer but don't want to lose my Firefox bookmarks. Is there an easy way to save a record of all the URLs in my Bookmarks and then quickly upload them to Firefox on my new computer?.
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    Response: free seo analysis
    I've heard that there are some issues with character limits on the PS3 web browser. Has this problem been fixed? Would I be able to type out long blog posts on the PS3 web browser?.
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    Response: local seo company
    I'm working on company shopping website that uses joomla as its server (if that's the correct word). . Someone uploaded files with spaces and apostrophes in the wrong folder and Joomla won't let me delete them in the usual way.. . How can I delete these files (or edit the file ...
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    Response: link building
    There's an interesting webpage that has just been deleted, but thanks to the miracle of hibernation, it's still open in Firefox. The problem is, when I save it, it seems to attempt to retrieve the page from its source on the internet, which no longer exists. Is there any way I ...
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    Response: Pizza Hut coupons
    So I learned how to add a Facebook comment box to my Blogger site (with the help of a code from Facebook social plugins site), but the problem is, the same comments appear for each of my posts. It's like a feature targeted as a comment box for the entire site, ...
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    Response: pizza hut coupons
    How can I best copyright protect stories and articles on my writing website? I know you can insert a copyright symbol, but can this COMPLETELY protect against somebody copying and pasting your stuff and claiming that it is theirs?.
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    Response: roof coating
    I received an e-mail about starting a website for a small business. I don't yet have a business but I would like to start my own personal website..
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    Response: check it out
    How do I display new blog posts on my homepage?
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    Response: SEO Services
    My Firefox stopped working saying the server wasn't found but Internet Explorers still works. I used to use firefox all the time but only recently it stopped working. I already checked the firewall and it allows firefox so i don't know what's wrong..
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    Response: gold in ira rules
    I'm not the owner of the site or of the copyrights, but it's very clear to me that this website is violating many copyrights. Is there a way I can report it under the DMCA? Thanks!.
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    Response: vpn address
    I am new to blogging. How do I add a subscribe function to my site so new post will go to their email?
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    Response: locksmith in
    I have just downloaded Joomla Stand Alone Server (JSAS) but i havent seen or set the password for the administrator console within.. I wondered whether or not there is a default username/password for this, if so, what is it?. . Thanks.
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    Response: herb grinder ebay
    How do i use frame or iframe to put facebook or else to blogspot?
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    Response: look these up
    i buy a domain and host and as subdomain i have a choice to creat a blog. i love to do it but i completely dazed!!! can anyone help me to make it right?. I buy a domain and host and as subdomain i have a choice to creat a blog. ...
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    How do Microsoft and the owners of Firefox make money? Google is planning to create a browser also to compete with them called "chrome". I was wondering where does the source of revenue come in? There are no ads, etc. These programs are free..
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    What is the copyright situation for film stills taken from DVDs and used in academic articles?
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    Response: pet pharmacy
    Wow! That is an out of the ordinary slant.

Reader Comments (7)

Have you given up on the series? <:c

July 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRenegade

Your cartoons are amazing... i read the site to the end.... and i really love the way moishe always looks at his daddy, i think you really can paint the love.
Gretz from Colombia and you cartoons will be always in my reader!

March 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSergio

I love your comics.. I read all of them and I felt a creeping sadness when Page 79 (last page at the time of writing this comment) was quickly approaching, deep down I wanted to read this forever. You sir, are really good person and I will imbibe many qualities from this!


November 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSagar

wow! i think this is amazing!! i read all 79 pages!!! u have talent, wish u the best!!!!

November 10, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterlali

Lunarbaboon, I also just worked my way backwards through your whole archive (89 pages, currently) and wow. What a lot of love and silliness and insecurity and honesty. For someone who just pretends to be nice and like human people, you sure have the human condition down.

March 14, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterdora

Saw a couple of these comics re-shared on another site over the last week. The second one was funny enough I decided I should check out the archive. Finished all 103 pages in under 24 hours.

As a former schoolteacher (math intervention specialist) and a current stay-at-home dad of an autistic 5 year old, I found myself laughing pretty constantly. Well done!

July 31, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterLotharBot

It's always inspiring to see where people started and how they ended up
Your comic makes me so happy, and inspires me to keep going with my art
Thank you.

August 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRice

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