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way to hold up the mirror, guy. Makes me remember this little gem:,31742/

My fella says, let's just get a Eurovan and drive away from it all. I'm like, but then we will be living in one room with our cats AND our child, which is not better. Guess there ain't no easy answers.

April 28, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterElm

Hey man. Always nice to see your comics pop up on /r/comics, great job!

After reading "Obsess" I followed the white rabbit and went one reading a couple of pages and this one (Busy) really hit home: I'm objectively a really lucky person with some artistic talent and potential and a boring but steady and with lots of free time job but instead of accomplishing things and being my "best self" I watch a ton of TV shows, go to bed too late after hours of mindless redditing and sometimes hate myself for not taking enough risks and basically living the diet version of my life instead of going full beer-bacon.

I do feel though that one day I'll find that one thing I'm good enough at and passionate enough about to drop the lest and go for it. Maybe it's already there and I just don't see it yet. So for now I'm not happy and I live with the ghosts of my future regrets, but in the meantime gotta live.

I'm not sure there's a non-ranty point to that post, I just hope that people feeling like me (and you?) will one day accept what and who they have around them, find the missing piece of the mess of a jigsaw puzzle we call life and, instead of constantly thinking what we could have been, some day just be :)

All the best to you and your family, keep sharing and take care!

May 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterNico

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